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This section is a collection of photos from a multitude of sources accumulated over many years (special thanks to Uncle Dan and Anna Valdez!). We ask for your patience as you peruse the photos – even though the photos capture moments in time they continue to be living legacies. In this regard, there is often incomplete information (e.g., names, dates, location, misidentified persons, etc.) And there are many duplicates – again, we ask for your understanding. We have taken the approach of getting as many posted as possible and to then go through continual review and updating.

Fraga Family members are free to download any photos for their personal use. 

We are always looking for more photos and media of the Fraga Family to add to our collection – please contact Len Radjewski if you have anything you’d like to become part of our archives.



Your comments, corrections, and any new pieces of information you might have about a photo are welcome and appreciated. Please send them to