THANK YOU for your amazing  Support…

We believe we have an incredible, unique family story that should be preserved, continually added to and passed on to future generations!  Not only does your support show you believe that, too but your generosity has ensured our website’s operating and maintenance expenses are covered for the next two years – into 2024!  In addition, we will be able to provide new features to better serve you – our family.

The purposes of the Fraga Family website are:

  • Provide access to all family members to hundreds of records, documents, photos, videos and audio;
  • Keep our Mexican American heritage and the legacy and story of Martina & Valeriano and their descendants alive for future generations
  • Provide a living, ongoing method to keep our family connected as we continue to grow and expand – both in number and geographically!

Each and every donation is vital – whatever the amount that works for you!  It’s the collective strength of all of us that makes our family strong.  If you can donate, decide the amount that you are comfortably able to give.

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Every donation of $100 or more will receive this special edition T-shirt commemorating our renewed connections with our family in Michoacán and the Herrejón-Fraga-Chávez Project.

Your Donations

Where & How They Are Used

The great majority of the work needed to operate and maintain our Fraga Family website, portal and archives has been provided at no charge by the many family members who have given their time and expertise.

(an extra special thanks to Bill Radjewski “the 3rd”!).

However, there are several areas that do cost out-of-pocket dollars.  These are defined and explained in the list of items to the right.

Funds raised above the estimated annual costs will be applied to future years’ needs – for operations/maintenance and growth as well as adding new features and capabilties as determined by surveys of the family.


While WordPess is “Free”, sometimes plug ins that are not free are needed to provide a quality user-friendly experience.  See Financial Info & Budget section below for specifics.


Fees are paid to experts and consultants.  These are usually for new software configuration, installation and support (which includes basic training for us).  Occasionally we encounter technical issues that require professional assistance. 


Our hope and intentions are to continue to provide new features and services that will serve and support identified needs in the family as determined by family member input, surveys and other means.

These additional features typically range between $100 and $300 with installation/configuration/training costs.



Annual Costs (current and projected)  $600-$700

The domain name, Hosting Service and additional digital storage  ($156/year)

Annual software license fees/renewals (Modula Photo Galleries, Search, PDF Viewer, Divi/Elegant Themes)  ($250+/year)

Consultants and Contracted Services (see Operation & Maintenance above) – range from $35 – $100/hour   (Approximately $300-400/year) 

Funds raised above the estimated annual costs will be applied to future years’ needs – both operating/maintenance needs and growth.

Giving Options

Give a One-Time Gift

Please consider helping us operate, maintain and grow this fantastic family resource with your generous contribution.

Choose to Sponsor a Specific Page or Section

Is there a particular aspect of our family’s heritage you would like to promote and ensure that it receives special attention?  If so, let’s discuss it so we can identify your interest and match it with the most effective way to accomplish that.

Grow the Future

Sponsor/Underwrite a New Feature

We can add many new features to our website to make it even more effective and valuable for our family members – bulletin boards, services like Etsy/Craigslist, comments/posts, etc.  You or your company can sponsor this addition which usually entails a one-time start up cost (e.g., cost of best plugin to use and associated costs).

Volunteer or In-Kind Contribution

There are many ways to contribute which do not involve a financial aspect – writing opportunities, organizing, identification/labeling and more.  Don’t hesitate to contact Len to discuss the best match for your skills/interests with our needs.

By Check

A personal check from you would be definitely appreciated!  If you decide to support us with a check, please make it payable to: M to M LLC  and send it to

2700 Michelle Lane

Hartland, MI 48353

Please note – for us to have time to enter your tickets in our drawing, the check needs to be received by Friday, May 13 so we have time to contact you as to which item(s) you would like your tickets directed to.

With Cash

If for any reason you are not comfortable using online payment or writing a check, cash is definitely accepted!  However, due to safety/security concerns you can wait until we see each other in person.  Whic also gives me the opportunity to thank you personally!


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Get in Touch. Get Involved.

We need and want your help and involvement in many ways!  Please consider reaching out to us and volunteering.  We’ll discuss the opportunities available and match you with the area most suited for you!