Memoirs, Profiles, and Remembrances

This section is dedicated to profiles of individual family members.  It is intended to offer a more in-depth view of the person and perhaps provide interesting aspects of that person’s character, history, little-known facts, and more.  A very important aspect of this section is to provide insights and information about the women and men who married into the Fraga family.  The incredible diversity they brought to the family with their own personal personalities, skills/talents, histories, and cultures greatly enriched “the family.”

Inspired by the film “Coco”, it is our modern method of remembering and keeping that person’s spirit alive.

We have now started to provide a way for family members to add their own anecdotes, stories, remembrances, and more to each person’s page.  You need to be registered on our website and signed in.  Then you are able to leave comments, anecdotes and other memories.  

And over time, we would like to include as many family members as would like to be part of this.


If you are signed in to the website, you can now leave your own stories, anecdotes, remembrances of our aunts and uncles.  Please take a few minutes to add to their stories – they really add a lot and help us know more about them  and enhance our picture of them.  If you are not registered yet, pleaseCLICK HERE

Martina Herrejón Fraga

Valeriano Fraga

Daniel E and Helen (Tank) Fraga

Esperanza/Frances (Fraga) and Natividad Valdez

Jesús/Jesse and Pauline (Duma) Fraga

Ellen (Fraga) and Ambrose Assessor

Erasmo/John and Florence (Wilkins) Fraga

Carmen (Fraga) and Bill Radjewski

Joseph and Helen (Miller) Fraga

Marjorie (Fraga) and Leonard Radjewski

Paul and Eleanor (Botos) Fraga

Martin and Marilyn (Sohn) Fraga

Under construction…

Merce (Fraga) and Joe Rustoni

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