Read about their amazing stories as told by their children and compiled by their son, David…..

An interesting part of their story is – Carmen and her sister, Margie married Bill and his brother, Leonard.  In addition, Carmen and Margie’s sister, Merce married Joe Rustoni, Bill and Leonard’s cousin!  One more item – one more sister, Ellen married Ambrose Assessor, who lived two doors down from the Radjewski boys on Cooper Street in Detroit!!

We are very fortunate to have some 8mm home movie footage of William and Carmen’s wedding in 1950 (many thanks to Uncle Joe & Aunt Helen’s family for sharing the footage from their family’s collection!).

As the sons and daughters married, it naturally introduced new persons with their own histories and cultures into the Fraga family.  Click on the link below for a remarkable, in-depth look at William Radjewski’s (Uncle Bill) family history written by his grandson, Bill Radjewski…