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Len Radjewski was interviewed by Larry Rodarte of Mi Gente “On Air” (magazine/radio show/podcast) to talk about the documentary “Michoacán to Michigan” to promote the film being shown at the Saginaw Art Museum as part of its 2nd Annual Dia de Los Muertos celebration on October 29, 2022. The story of the documentary was discussed as well as the Fraga family’s life in the Saginaw & North Branch area. The many similarities of the Fraga family’s story with so many other Mexican American families were also discussed.

Carmen Valdez Dotterer tells us about sharing her mother’s (Aunt Frances/Esperanza) recipe and method for making tortillas with her daughters and granddaughters via Zoom.  A great example of passing on our family’s Mexican heritage through cooking!

“Chicken stories, Add some water to the beans…”

 Monique Fraga Anthus interviews several female cousins (Mary Ellen Valdez Cortes, Cathy Assessor Stone, Elaina Fraga O’Malley, Valerie Rustoni, Camille Fraga Von Dreele) about their experiences at The Farm and with their aunts, uncles and cousins while growing up. The whole interview is approximately 1:58:00.  Approximately the first 28:00 is general conversation, people connecting, etc. I have intentionally left it in for its historical value as a sort of “time capsule” as descriptive of aspects of life in 2021.  The actual interview starts around the 28:00 minute mark.  Muchas gracias to Monique and all the participants for taking the time to share their stories.  


Recorded April 11, 2021





Interview with Frances, Joe and Ellen (recorded in 1990)




Interview with Margie, Merce and Carmen (recorded June 1990)




Interview with Jesse, Paul and Martin (recorded 1990)