¡Muchas gracias,

la familia Fraga!

Our website had tremendous growth in 2023!


♦ over 4,200 vistors!

♦ more than 15,700 views!

Click on link below for a short graphic presentation…


A few words of explanation…

  • the number of posts is relatively small.  This is due to the fact that you must be a registered user and signed in to post a comment.  We hope this underutilized feature grows this year – to share your comments, stories/anecdotes, etc. 
  • our website, like all websites are constantly bombarded by attempts to hack in (over 123,000 attempts blocked in 2023!)..  Because of the protections we have installed in consultation with Bill Radjewski and now, Vincent Llora we continue to be safe

Stay tuned and check back often for new features.

And as always, please send us your comments and suggestions.  We need,value and welcome your input –