Esperanza was born in Mexico and had firsthand experiences of the life-changing journey north to the United States that her parents, Martina and Valeriano took her and her younger brother, Erasmo/John.  That journey was just part of the first chapter of an incredible life.  Here is just a small part of her story and that of her husband, Nati (Natividad), and their large and still growing family…

From Carmen Valdez Dotterer

December 4, 2023

On this 1st Sunday of Advent I want to send Blessings to all my Facebook Friends and Family.
Advent is a time to wait for the birth of our Savior. It’s a time to prepare and get ready for this great event. It’s a time to be patient!
This large beautiful cross was my Grandma Fraga’s that she brought from Mexico. After they sold their farm in Imaly City, Grandma gave it to my Mother, (Esperanza)
When I began work at St. Leonard Catholic Church in Warren in 1990, my Mother gave it to me to hang in my office.
When I stopped working there, nearly 20 years later, I made sure I it came home with me.
The smaller cross was my Father’s ( Natividad ) that hung in his area of our finished basement on Flanders. After my father passed away, my Mother gave it to me. I hang it proudly in my home.
Jesus was born to be the Savior of the world, to be our Savior. He is my Lord and Savior!
Advent Blessings To All!

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