Carmen Valdez Dotterer

C1,  #30

My Art

I constantly think of my parents ESPERANZA and NATIVIDAD VALDEZ.

I hope I honor them with my drawings.

I have shared some of my Mexican Folk Artwork before. Now I’d like to share more.

I taught myself how to draw at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic in 2020 to send card to my Grandchildren, now I just love it!

My Utah Daughter Aryn, gifted me with frames for Christmas. So we chose art that represents my Mexican Culture and hung them in my Exercise area.

My version of Frida Kahlo and The Day of the Dead.

The hard work ethic of Migrant Workers.

Abuela with her Spiritual nature and love of Jesus.

And finally The Mariachi Musicians!

To this day I see my Daddy, NATI, singing along with the Mariachi records on the record player!

Blessings To All!

Carmen Valdez Dotterer


Carmen did a Zoom with her granddaughters – one in Utah and the other in New Jersey, passing along what she learned from her mother (Esperanza) – how to make tortillas!  Another creative way of continuing our heritage.