Interview with Margie Fraga Radjewski

This interview was recorded on May 28, 1989.  Liana Spalla (a friend of the family) was the interviewer.  

The audiotape was recently rediscovered and Ralph Fraga graciously digitized the tape so that we can post it on our website.  The stories contained in the interview are well worth the inconvenience of the recording.  Margie relates stories about her early years, various stories about her siblings and parents, her trip to Mexico in 1948, and other gems.  I know you will enjoy them for the amazing look back from her unique perspective!

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the audio – it was recorded outside under less-than-ideal conditions with activities going on.  I believe the value of the content far exceeds the issues with the audio quality.



as told by Dr. Onofre Chávez Fraga (Morelia)

This interview is with Dr Onofre Chávez Fraga. It was recorded in August 1991 when Bev and Len traveled to Morelia after their trip to Cancun. It is the 1st part (approx 8:00) of a longer 45:00 recording. 

A second interview with Onofre was recorded in 1992 when Martin, Dan, and Len visited family in Mexico as part of the preproduction work for the documentary Michoácan to Michigan.  Contact Len at if you would like to get a copy before it’s posted.

Onofre Chavez’ Oral history of the Fraga family part 1