In this section we will be posting information and news about some exciting new projects that have been initiated since the recent visit to Morelia in October 2021 by several members of our family from north of the border.


H-F-Ch Projects – with our renewed connections with family in Morelia, there are a number of projects we’re working on together.  And some of these were presented at our April 19th meeting with officials of various departments of the State of Michoacán government. Some of the projects are:

  • 1) a comprehensive genealogy of the Fraga Family and other branches like the Herrejóns, the Chávez’s and many more,
  • 2) Michoacán to Michigan (the documentary) now has Spanish subtitles (thanks to the teamwork of our cousin Alejandra Galvez and Julie Brazen) and will be shown to audiences in Mexico telling our Grandparents’ incredible story.  By the way, M to M was also shown to a large group of our relatives in Morelia who truly enjoyed and appreciated learning more about Martina/Valeriano’s story.  There is a section on our website FAMILY – MEXICO  https://thefragafamily.com/family-mexico/ with information and photos and much more to come
  • 3) a virtual exhibition of our cousin, Ed Fraga’a art at a joint arts festival in Morelia and Camargo, Chihuahua
  • 4) our trip to Morelia this coming October
  • 5) exploring an academic exchange program  and more…

The following links will connect you with several of the documents prepared by José Mendoza Lara and Laura Eugenia Solís Chávez to celebrate and recognize the importance of our renewed connections between our branches of the family.

Since our visit in October 2021 we have had a number of Zoom meetings, a follow up in-person trip in April 2022 (with Uncle Dan, cousins Greg, Dean, Tea and Nicole) and other communications to explore how we could develop projects to strengthen and expand our family’s bonds.

Friends Ricardo Espinosa and Liana Spalla have been invaluable as translators and cultural advisors.  Also, Christopher Fraga (Mike & Cathy’s son) has added immeasurably to our communications and cross cultural understanding.  Other family members who have been a part of some of our meetings and visits include – Uncle Dan, Greg/Jen Fraga, Nicole Fraga, Ed Fraga, Dean/Tea Fraga, Daniel W Fraga and others from time to time.

Besides our cousin, Laura Solís Chávez and her husband José Mendoza Lara there are quite a number of “Nuestros Primos” who are instrumental to our Project including – Alejandra (Ale) Gálvez, Andrea Garibay Mendoza, Arturo Martínez, Gabriela Martínez Ortíz, Yael Plascensia Garcia, Cristina Gálvez Gutiérrez, Hanekua Mendoza and many others.

On April 19, 2022 we met with representatives of several departments of the State government of Michoacán.  At the meeting from the Fraga, Herrejón and Chávez families were: Laura Solís Chávez, José Mendoza, Alejandra Galvez, Andrea Garibay, Ruben Fraga and Len Radjewski (Fraga).  We met with: 

  • Lenin Cuauhtémoc Villegas Madryal Director of Vinculación, Binacional en México, SE Migrante

  • Paulina Judith Cymajeda López Dep. Fortalecimiento Social, Cultural y Educativo

  • Claudia Lizeth Corona Pulido  Dep. Programas Mixtos del Sistema Estatal de Creadores, SE Cultura

  • Mauricio Corona Rangel Secretaría del Migrante

  • Alicia Bueno Cabrera


on April 19, 2022

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