Consuelo (Connie) Valdez Nanni

Victoria (Vicky) Valdez Feigel

Lana Rae

Lana Rae Honeycutt 

daughter of Vicky Valdez Feigel


Theodore Anthony Nanni

Dane & Rachel Nanni


Alaina Marie Ewers

Allison & Ray Ewers

Connie’s granddaughter


Michael Ricardo Garza

Connie’s son


Londyn Ray Valdez

Ray Jr & Kendyl Valdez


Isabella Marie Honeycutt

Lana & Nick Honeycutt


Sienna Rose Marie Nanni

Dane & Rachel Nanni


Brooke Victoria Honeycutt

Lana & Nick Honeycutt

The Traveling Mariachi Charro Suit

Many, many years ago my sister Vicky (Valdez-Feigel) accompanied our mother to Mexico to visit relatives.
While in Mexico they visited our Aunt (Tia) Matilda, known as Mati – (who was a sister to Maruca & Pina just to name a few).
Vicky developed a very close relationship with Mati and they became good friends and did many
 adventures during the visit to Mexico.  After Vicky and our mother came back to the United States, Vicky
kept in touch with Mati throughout the years.
When Vicky became pregnant with Lana Rae, Vicky wanted Mati to be Godmother to Lana. So she wrote
Mati and asked her if she would be Godmother to Lana Rae.  Mati was so honored and thrilled that Vicky asked her,
but Mati was unable to come to the US to take part in the ceremony of Baptism. So Vicky and Mati became,
“co-madre” with each other.  “Co-Madre” is a trem in Spanish that describes a very endearing and close relationship
between to women. Mati was so honored and happy with what Vicky asked of her, that on our mother’s next
trip to Mexico, Mati sent back a Mariachi Charro Suit for Vicky’s new baby.
When Lana Rae was old enough, Vicky had pictures taken of Lana in the suit. As the years passed, Vicky let me take the Mariachi Charro
suit to have my son Michael’s picture taken in it. After I had Michael’s pictures done, I gave the suit back to Vicky.
 More years passed and Lana had her girls, Brooke and Bella’s, pictures taken in the Mariachi Charro Suit.
 Then once agin, I was given back the suit from Vicky and I had my 3 grandchildren’s pictures
taken, 1st Alaina, then Theo then Sienna.  Just this past year, my daughter Allison, gave the Mariachi Charro Suit to her cousin,
Ray Jr. Valdez and his wife Kendyl and they had pictures taken of their youngest child Londyn.
 Allison has the Mariachi Charro Suit now and she will
have pictures of her baby Ralphie, taken in the suit, once he is old enough. Then the final destation will be back to Lana Rae.
Lana can keep the Mariachi Charro Suit and save it for her future grandchildren!
The last “leg” of this story is when Mattie was unable to be Lana Rae’s Godmother…My sister Vicky asked me to be Godmother!!!
So, over many, many years the Mariachi Charro Suit did a great deal of traveling and was worn by many of the Valdez descendants!
My Mother, Vicky and Mati are all in heaven looking down on the beautiful legacy of …
The Traveling Mariachi Charro Suit


Consuelo (Connie) Valdez Nanni