Daniel (Uncle Dan) E Fraga’s Narrative of Martina and Valeriano’s Journey and Early Life in Michigan has now been published!

Thanks to the efforts of our cousins, José Mendoza Lara and Laura Eugenia Solís Chávez (Red Utopia Publishing) and Alejandra (Ale) Galvéz (who translated the work into Spanish), the chronicling by Daniel E Fraga of the journey of his parents (Martina Herrejón and Valeriano Fraga) from Michoacán to Michigan and the early years of their family’s life in the United States has now been published!  It is the definitive work of our family’s story of immigration.

This work (along with the documentary Michoacán to Michigan was presented on November 6th at “Fiesta del Libro y La Rosa” held at Universidad Nacionál Autonomia de México (UNAM) at Morelia

Please click on the links below to view Daniel E Fraga’s (Uncle Dan) Narrative 

Michoacán to Michigan “An Immigrant’s Journey”