Melinda Fraga

My Art

About 8 years ago I began taking Spanish lessons. The instructor had placed a poster
on the wall about a Dia de los Muertos event being held in Novi. She encouraged me to attend because she was performing with a Mexican Folklorico group. She guaranteed that I would love what I saw and would want to join the weekly dance classes. So true!
This welcoming group of ladies and gentlemen have been a pleasure to practice
with and perform the beautiful dances that represent the various regions of Mexico.
I’ve learned so much about our incredible culture and traditions behind the beautiful
dresses, headpieces and accessories incorporated in the dance. The music
especially touches me, as it reminds me of how I grew up hearing many of the songs my dad listened to throughout my youth. It’s a bittersweet feeling entering a stage and wishing Grandpa and Grandma, my parents and our many aunts and uncles could have been there to cheer me on. But I take comfort and pride in knowing they are there in spirit and see that in my small way, I love to keep our heritage alive !

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Melinda performing two dances at the 2022 Fraga Family picnic